900 m2 plot with N8 regulations
Urban plot in the neighborhood of El Romeral, with 900 m2
Art. 198.- Marginal Ensanche (N8).
1.- Definition. They constitute, and therefore are subject to Ordinance N8, population settlements in scattered or dispersed nuclei of the main nucleus, in which residential construction has occurred as a secondary need for agricultural work and the implementation of these extensions occur at foot of said areas. The buildings contemplate a mixed residential and storage use of farm implements.
2.- Type of building.
Attached and aligned to the road, although certain setbacks of the building are allowed in order to regularize the façade alignment with the adjoining plots, only when they are not aligned with the road. Likewise, the exempt building is allowed inside the plot when the adjacent building has this typology, and this case must be set back from the boundaries of at least 2 meters.
3.- Uses.
The fundamental use is that of vertical property housing with mixed residential use and storage of agricultural products or utensils. Likewise, the "residential" referred to in the Regulatory Norms of the uses are considered compatible with the exception of the exclusive buildings for car parks. 4.- Maximum unit of action. The maximum building unit will be the current cadastral plot. However, groupings of two plots maximum.
5.- Minimum building plot.
The minimum building plot will be one that meets the following minimum dimensional conditions:
125 m2
6.- Occupation of the plot.
The maximum occupation per floor will be 80%, except the Ground Floor where 100% can be occupied.
7.- Maximum height.
The maximum permitted height will be two floors (7.00 meters) above the grade defined as indicated in the Building Regulatory Standards.


Plot Size 900 m²

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